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Goal Setting


A few years ago when I was first setting foot on my weightlifting journey, I joined a closed Facebook group of women who trained with weights.  Some were powerlifters, some aesthetic competitors, many were just women looking to be better versions of themselves.  I loved that group and have formed many deep friendships there that […]

Part 2 of USAW Sports Performance Coaching Certfication Lessons Learned


I mentioned the 4 fundamental mistakes in the last post, but I didn’t really specifiy them.  They are these: Balance – where is your weight distributed relative to the bar and to your center or gravity? Inappropriate muscle group tightness – my locked shoulders are but one example.  I can imagine others such as rigidly […]

Getting My USAW Sports Performance Coach’s Certification


I had a glorious weekend. What did I do you ask?  I spent hours inside an un-airconditioned storage building in the hot Texas summer heat. Before you start slowly backing away from the crazy lady, let me explain. I went to Denton, Texas to participate in one of the USA Weightlifting intro level coach’s certification […]