Archive | November, 2014

The New Eleiko App


Eleiko just released a fun new free app. I use it on the Apple iOS, it’s not available (yet) for the Android. It’s a weightlifting specific app that has many good features and a few issues that I hope it’ll address in future versions. The good: there’s a video library of basic weightlifting exercises and […]

Clean Pull Unders


I call these “clean pull unders” but they may have some official name of which I’m unaware.  It’s a great drill for learning to pull under the bar instead of trying to (consciously or unconsciously pull the bar up to the rack position).  It’s a lot tougher than it looks to just stand on your […]

Warming Up For Competition


I was asked today about tips for national level competitions. I’m not super experienced having only been to two, but I had these two insights that I thought I’d share. One, colonize a warm-up platform early to put yourself where you’ll be most comfortable. I read a great article recently that talked about being in […]