The New Eleiko App


Eleiko just released a fun new free app. I use it on the Apple iOS, it’s not available (yet) for the Android. It’s a weightlifting specific app that has many good features and a few issues that I hope it’ll address in future versions.
The good: there’s a video library of basic weightlifting exercises and two warm-ups featuring Apti Aukhadov. The videos come with a narrative explaining the key points of each lift as well as the ability to slow motion to see fine details.
The great: the app lets you import video or take new video for analysis. It lets you put together a string of sets into a single video which can be uploaded to YouTube. If you give the app basic information about your lifts and your vital stats, it will calculate what percentage of body weight a lift is as well as percentage of PR.
Most usefully, it lets you compare two lift videos side by side. The key element I like there is that you can coordinate the start point for both videos so that they run the lifts truly simultaneously. When you have two side-by-side videos you can take a snapshot to have a still photo comparison.
Things that need improving: I’d love a feature to capture a video of the side-by-side lifts instead of just a snapshot. And a more extensive warm-up section (although watching Apti do Cossack squats is almost worth the price of admission).
One fabulous bonus which warms my heart is a link to this frankie chavez amazing video about a master’s lifter. Makes me kinda teary every time 🙂

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