My Stinky Squat is Getting Better!!!


My work on my wonky squat continues.  It’s been about a month since I started dedicated loaded unilateral work at least twice per week.  And guess what?  The hula dance that my hips did (leaning into the weak glute side) is dramatically better! Not totally gone as you can see in the video, but not like I’m wiggling for dolla dolla bills at the club either.  Hooray!!!

I included some video of one of the many things I’m trying for unilateral strengthening.  Today was box pistol squats.  Why the box?  Because my hamstring flexibility is still closer to a 15yo boy’s than it should be.  So lacking complete straight leg forward mobility, I use the box to cheat and let my leg come down a bit.  But yes, I’m working on the mobility, too.

Not shown but still a lot of fun was handstand work today.  I like handstand training because a) it’s a little like static bodyweight jerk holds and b) it helps me with body awareness.  I found out today that I don’t lock out my right arm which I thought I had been doing.  As soon as I did, boom! I held the handstand for a sec or two.

Of note, I used the Eleiko app to combine the video clips because iMovie kept cutting out my legs when I tried to load it.  Eleiko loads directly to YouTube, which is also useful.  These bar makers are quite clever!


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