The Next Phase of Programming

So now onwards to a little volume strength work.  The structure of the next few weeks will look like this:

Two days of 5-6 movements, 3×3-5 working sets (which don’t include warm-up sets) at 80-85% split thus:

The classic lifts (Snatch, Clean, Jerk) or some partial of the classic lifts (like a hang snatch or power clean), overhead work (presses, push presses, jerks from behind and in front, in split, etc), a pulling movement (deadlifts, snatch and clean pulls, RDLs), a squat of some flavor, some work on whatever seems weak (for me it’ll be unilateral leg work and back strength) and abs/core

This program was adopted from an excellent article by Josh Everett for Crossfit Weightlifting.

In addition to those two days, there will be one day of either high volume, low intensity technique work or plyometric exercises (like jumping variations, maybe even hill sprints).

Last but not least, one heavy day leading up to heavy singles (90-100+%) of snatch, clean and jerk and squat.

Four days per week, but I’ll certainly need the recovery days.

I included a video from today’s training which was clean focused.  The first is a high hang clean (what I think of as clean pull unders) to help drill getting under the bar, Cossack squats with both one and two kettlebells for squat work (but could also be considered weakness work) and snatch grip back extensions for both core and weakness work.  Also did toes-to-bar, clean grip deadlifts and exactly 4 front rack walking lunges.

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