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Snatches 75, 79lbs

snatch bottom catch

Getting ready for Masters Nationals.  These are 80-85% snatch singles.  I may end up being conservative at the meet though and going for a 40kg snatch which would be 88lbs, making these 85 and 90%.  Depends on how I’m feeling.  I’m not going for a record, just trying to qualify for worlds this time around. […]



Two weeks before each of my competition begins freak out time for me.  The heavier percentages mean more misses.  More misses undermine my confidence (that’s just the way my mind’s built). Rationally I understand that no misses mean I’m not aiming high enough.  But misses also highlight all of the things that are wrong with […]

It Takes a Village


  I had a PR today that wasn’t *exactly* weightlifting related. 4 weeks ago, I started going for weekly sports massages with an amazing local masseur. This was done in desperation.  Before the Texas State Championship, I hurt my left knee and couldn’t squat for 6 weeks which clearly hurt my lifts. Now my right […]