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RS Slomo snatch x 2 at 55lbs


This is RS, a fellow masters lifter, with a 55lb double. Things I notice in this video: the arm bend is a little early and arms are still a little bent in receiving position.  Technically this is more of a power snatch (receipt with knees above 90 degrees) with an immediate overhead squat (OHSq).  Feet […]

Snatches 75, 79lbs

snatch bottom catch

Getting ready for Masters Nationals.  These are 80-85% snatch singles.  I may end up being conservative at the meet though and going for a 40kg snatch which would be 88lbs, making these 85 and 90%.  Depends on how I’m feeling.  I’m not going for a record, just trying to qualify for worlds this time around. […]