Chalk not allowed at your gym? Sneak this in!

But first, why would you actually go to a gym that doesn’t allow chalk? Seriously.  Reconsider your gym choice pronto and get thee whereforeart chalk is allowed.  Chalk fixes everything.  Sweaty palms, nerves (gives you a chance to take a breath before getting on the platform), cold hands (I swear chalk helps on those days that the bar is cold), cures cancer (ok, maybe not but you never know).

But for whatever reason you can’t use chalk.  Sneak this in and use it!  It will leave a little white residue on the bar but not too much and certainly won’t raise a big white cloud that will get you sanctioned.  Plus, you apply it once and it stays for many sets.

I actually love this for my home gym because I really hate dusting and vacuuming which would be frequently needed with traditional chalk.  Liquid chalk is much more no muss-no fuss.

Liquid Grip 8-Ounce Bottle

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