Daily Training 5/12/14


Today was the first day of the lower body half of decreased volume strength training (as opposed to working the classical lifts).

It looked like this:


reverse hyper 3×8 with 30lbs

hanging leg raises 3×8



Box squat (wide stance, toes turned out, sitting back, knees back on to 15″ box, then pause and up, chest up, knees out, firing glutes throughout but especially at the top) – figuring out 2 rep max (I could only keep really good form to 103×2.  I could do more, but not with precise form)

Glute ham raises (no extra weight) 4×6 (feet dorsiflexed so toes only on the backstop)

Banded stationary lunges 3×10

reverse Hyper 3×10 with 50lbs with a 1 sec hold at the top.  Last set with toes pointed.

The idea is limiting workout to one hour and no more than 7-8 movements.  Maximizing recovery between sessions, but also maximizing effort while I’m working.

I had a blast.  New movements are fun, the sore feeling hours later from a job approached with vigor is rewarding.

Not as fun? The day before a huge thunderstorm front rolled in so humidity was a jillion percent and a temp of 88F

Discoveries – still learning how to “test” movements with biofeedback.  My back is much weaker than I’d like, so something to focus upon.  Unilateral leg work is hard but I suspect very necessary for my leg strength discrepancy (right is strong, left which is 1/4″ shorter is weaker).

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