The Importance of Wrist Strength and Mobility

wrist strengthening

The number one complaint I hear from people when they first try the olympic lifts or even front squatting, is that it’s hard to get into/maintain positions because they are limited by their wrist flexibility and strength.

As a result, their front squats collapse because they can’t keep their elbows up comfortably and they can’t rack a clean quickly or efficiently and lose the bar in front.

I’ve never had a good answer to correct this.  I’ve Googled some videos on wrist stretches but some of them seemed more like something from Vlad Tepes’ playbook than actionable advice.

Then a link to the latest article on Jen Sinkler’s website came to my attention (thank you most observant husband!).  Entitled, “Rock Your Wrist Strength”, it includes an outstanding video by Ilya Igolnikov, MD, a physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor and athlete.

Check it out NOW!!!!! Here is the Link: Rock Your Wrist Strength

But listen to what he says – do these movements slowly and in a controlled fashion.  Don’t bro out and hurt yourself by loading your wrists heavily when you first begin.  Set a realistic time frame for improvement (months, not days).  And do use these as part of your warm-up

[for those who are wondering, Vlad Tepes was also known as Vlad the Impaler, the historical person upon whom Dracula is based.  “The Impaler” is simply the coolest sobriquet in the history of mankind.  You can read about him here]

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