The IWF Video, “Lift The World”

I admit to a tendency to cry at Hallmark commercials.  And to always root for the underdog.  So maybe I was the exact target audience this video meant to capture.

But I loved this film.  It’s 49 minutes long and features both the sublime (Lu! Who it turns out has the sweetest smile) and the heartwarming ( a Tunisian team that talks about being a family).  It’s even got a wonderful and very clearly explained technical section on how weightlifting meets work.  There are women and men, adults and children.  Something to inspire everybody.

The cinematography is beautiful and there are many quotable moments.  But I’ll leave you with the ending (sorry, spoiler alert!) which made me all weepy.

“So why Is weightlifting special?  Is it special at all? Being probably the most simple sport in the world?  Are the people of weightlifting special?  Of course they are, each and every single one of them.  Because they’re all different.  You can be tall, short, big, small, girl or boy, rich, poor, Chinese or Mexican.  But you can be sure of one thing.  You will fit in.  Weightlifting will accept you just as you are.  It will only ask for your passion and your hard work.”

The link to the full video is HERE or you can watch it in the window above.  Enjoy!

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