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Fear is the Mind Killer – More Lessons From Weightlifting Camp as I Prep for the World Masters Cup


When I first saw the start list for the 53k/45w class at the Masters World Cup in Dallas I thought I had forgotten how to breathe.  There were seven – SEVEN!- women entered and while most of us were tightly clustered in terms of previous totals, the entrants included the multiple time world champion in […]



I just got back from another week of weightlifting camp in beautiful Asheville, NC with Tamara Reynolds and Nick Horton.  I have much to share, so I’ll spread it out over several posts.  But this is the first and most important lesson.  I think of it as “BELIEVE!” shouted with a southern preacher’s passion. We […]

Shoulder Mobility Work


My shoulders suck. They just do.  But their suckitude has helped propel me into learning new things so I suppose I should be grateful (in a begrudging old lady sort of way). My left shoulder impingement syndrome meant I learned how to sumo deadlift.  Hooray! Still one of my favorite lifts. But my current right […]

My First Arnold Sports Festival

Donny Shankle at the Arnold

For those of you who have never heard of it, the Arnold Sports Festival is like Lollapalooza for athletics.  Held in Columbus, Ohio, 50 some odd sports have exhibitions/contests and there is a giant arena of  vendors with all things gym related.   While the aesthetic sports predominate (because Arnold), it’s a Pan Am qualifier […]

Pistol Squats


If you look back through some old posts you’ll see that fixing my wonky squat has been a project for the last year.  I have (I think, after much research and contemplation) weak thigh abductors relative to adductors and a weak glute on the left, weak quad on the right.  These imbalances may be due […]